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klaus/hayley + heaven

(a/n: historical au where Klaus meets Hayley shortly after  losing Tatia)

She’s not sure why he keeps her alive.

All she knows is that he comes to the cabin every other night or so in order to make sure that she has enough food and water. He also restocks her supplies whenever he notices that she’s run out of things like soap or toilet paper. He doesn’t speak much, only tells her things that are relevant to her survival. Otherwise, he makes sure to not let anything she says get to him.

He’s never forced her stay though.

He had found her the night she turned in to a foul moonbeast. At the time, she hadn’t known that he sympathized with her and saw himself within her beastly eyes. She only remembers waking up in the middle of the woods, naked and scared. The blond haired man staring back at her had taken her in to his arms and carried her towards a cabin in the forest.

From then on, Hayley Marshall decided to stay because she owed him her life. And also, she had yet to meet another person who could accept her monstrous form.

Niklaus was the first creature who wasn’t afraid of Hayley’s true nature.

And for that reason alone, she remained by his side. She needed him, he was her lifeline. Her only question was the following: did Klaus need her?


As it turns out, sometimes, Klaus did need her.

She doesn’t know much about him. Nothing except the fact that he’s a lonely and scary man, who liked to sketch pictures of her while she slept.

Sometimes, he likes to spend the night by her side.

And sometimes, sometimes, she lets him kiss her lips and lets his tongue trace shapes down her back. He’s not quite the gentle lover, far from it actually. Nothing except his light-filled hairs and angelic blue eyes. He looks heavenly. Yet his touch is hellish-hot.

It’s such a beautiful irony.

She stares at him, dazed and confused. “You haven’t answered me yet,” Hayley whines, as she watches Klaus undress. “Why do you keep me?”

He kicks his trousers off and offers her a deceitful smile as he notices her wandering eyes. He crawls towards her as she sits on the mattress. He starts unbuttoning her dress and forgets her words quite easily.

“Klaus,” she goes on to say. All he does is watch as her dress as it falls off her shoulders. “Please, tell me why you keep me.” She begs (and she knows how much he likes it when she begs).

“I like having you in my bed,” He says. And it’s not the answer she’s looking for. Still, he is being honest.

“Yes but you could have any other girl in your bed.” She explains. “What’s so special about me?”

Unintentionally, he laughs in to her ear. “You think you’re special?” His cold hands slide down her sides, distracting her from her puzzled thoughts. “If you must know sweetheart,” she doesn’t know why, but Klaus’s touch is especially cruel tonight. “You remind me of someone.”

Klaus thinks of her dark eyes and long brown locks. He sees night-colored Petrova lashes, and that same saccharine smile Tatia once carried.

“Did you love her?” Hayley suddenly asks, while he pushes her flat on her back.

“I no longer know what love is.” He honestly admits, as he smoothes a few hairs away from her face. “Now, why don’t you give me a show?” Klaus suggest, with a filthy smile reaching his lips.

Hayley only does as she’s told. He misses the pain in her heart and the weight of the hurt behind his words. Perhaps, her questions were better left unanswered.

Maybe, Klaus intended to keep these things a secret from her. And he knew that she was going to be silenced by his honesty.

Klaus + HayleyThe Originals 1.20

"You’ve come a long way, Little Wolf."


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The Klayley eye sex is the best thing ever.

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